Sunday Morning Lazies

This morning I’m having a little trouble getting moving & staying motivated. I guess I know what my overall motivation is – it’s to have a organized and well-designed living room. What I’m having trouble with this morning is looking around that living room and seeing what steps are next and getting the energy to do the work.

It’s my only real time at home in an over a week, thanks to a full schedule (concerts and game nights and boy/dog/house sitting) so I know I need to make this time work. All of those things also equal this morning being my first downtime at home this week and I’m craving just sitting on my couch, drinking coffee. So I’m giving myself that. I’m writing this entry with my feet up on the couch, drinking coffee.

In a little while, I’m going to pick up OFTIO and review some of my motivation and plan, put on an album, and get right back to work. This moment of repose is just as necessary to me as those moments of intense sorting and dusting and purging action, and so I’m being kind to myself to make the whole project work. Burning out now would be such a disappointment, so I’m going to do what I can to sustain me and this work.

Morning views

I can see the finish line of The One Room Challenge coming at me, and I’m glad to say that there are pockets of the room that look & feel great. Looking at them even now makes me feel like I’ve turned a corner, even as I feel inert this morning. Those pockets of tidiness & good design also make the sections that still need attention feel a lot more glaring. Okay, this break is just what I needed to gather myself up again and get going.

One of my victories: a tidied up & purged filing system

I hope your weekend chores feel easy and not overwhelming!


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