The End is Near!

With the end of the One Room Challenge looming on the horizon, I wanted to write a bit about process and progress. I’ll talk more about the conclusion of the process tomorrow in the final ORC post, but I thought I’d share some of the middle of the project today.

One of the recycling bins I filled

As a renter, I feel constrained by what I can and can’t do. Painting is out, but I still love the grey I chose years ago when I moved in and got to pick how they repainted my apartment. It’s also a small space without storage, so there were inevitable issues there. I can get new furniture and rearrange what I already own. That shaped the direction I took during the ORC, led by Julie Morgenstern’s advice to create zones for the activities undertaken in a room.

This project felt more like an evolution of my space than a revolution. I had long-term ideas for how to improve my space, but hadn’t taken the time to build the shelves or dig through old boxes to make those ideas a reality. I’ve been so impressed by people who are making major changes in their homes, and I do kind of want to wallpaper a wall or paint one a deep color, but I am also really content with where my home is now.

For your patience, I’ll share some works in progress for you:

Hooks I installed
Guess how many times I dropped this shelf while installing it by myself
The space my couch used to occupy

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