The Aftermath

It’s crazy to me that it’s been a couple weeks since the One Room Challenge ended, but then again, that time flew past too! I’ve really enjoyed living in my renewed space, but I’m also starting to get a sense of how my bad habits creep in again.

Right now, I have a couple piles of books scattered around my living room. It’s for a good reason (I swear!), but I can’t wait until I’m done reading & reviewing them for work. I’m a lot less content to live with messes now than I was even a couple months ago. Making my space feel more intentional and beautiful makes me notice the messes faster.

Do I have things I need to do? Yes, of course. I have mail to shred and snacks to put away somewhere other than my dining table, but I’m in pretty good shape otherwise. As always, my suitcase & travel gear taunt me. I’m not completely unpacked from my last trip and need to pack for my next trip. Before, I’d work around it, and that laissez-faire attitude still lurks within me, but so does my pride in how I got my apartment to look.

My end of project friend dinner has been punted back a little, but I’ll share how that goes, complete with pictures soon.

In the meantime, good luck to everyone else trying to stay tidy. Do you find you are less tolerant of your own messes, the more organized you get your home?


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