Big Picture Goals

As I work on this project, transforming my living room into a much more functional and beautiful space, I keep thinking about why I’m doing it and what I can do in this space in the future. Having that finish line in mind helps me run this race.

To start, I took a cue from Apartment Therapy’s January Cure (of which I’m a long-time devotee) and made plans to entertain at the end of my One Room Challenge project. The friend who is coming to dinner is going to be in a space that’s probably not 100%, but I’m motivated to be as close to that as I can. I want to make no apologies for my home, which is about both a change in the space itself and a change in my attitude toward it. I’ve never ended a friendship over a messy space, and I don’t expect to lose one over my work in progress.

My table’s ready, even if nothing else is…

Since I’m working in zones, I’m almost done with the entertainment zone, and have moved to finding things a home and even containerizing (pics to follow next week, as I get them organized and styled). I am trying to do the bulk of that when I’m finished so I can do it with the whole room in mind, but I had to get started to make room to work on the other zones. Up next is my office area which will be tricky, I think. It’s small and doesn’t look too bad, but there are a couple shelves with a hodgepodge of related things tossed on, willy nilly. I think they’re going to suck me in as I debate whether to keep or toss items and figure out a good storage system.

My filing “system”

The upside to the upcoming office work? I’ve already thought through and given myself permission to get rid of paperwork pertaining to my old car and to leadership & volunteer roles I no long fill. Thinking about that in advance is freeing, both mentally and in regard to time as I approach those piles.

Before I jump back into that actual work after this coffee & writing break, I want to list out some of the things I’m eager to do when I’m done.

Have friends over for dinner

Host movie nights

Have a family gathering in my home

And of course, feel peaceful when I enter my home


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