Organizing From the Inside Out pt. 1

I’m trying to get to the root of my organizational disaster, and I picked up a copy of Organizing from the Inside Out to help me work through what’s holding me back. I’m going to blog my way through the book.

It’s not as trendy as some of the other organizational books out there, but I feel like its approach is exactly what I need. I want something that helps me figure out what’s best for me and lets me tailor my organizational style.

Julie Morgenstern, the author, comes out of the gate with what I need to hear. Organization is a skill, and it’s one that I can acquire. How reassuring to know that I can do this! It feels like having a friend in my corner, and I hope I feel that way as I progress.

She has a three step process: Analyze, Strategize, and Attack. When explaining each step, she writes of Analyze: “Step back to take stock of your current situation by defining where you are, where you are going, what’s holding you back, and why it’s important to get there.”

That feels like the perfect place for me. I’m going to spend some time thinking through that, and will eventually share some of my answers to those questions.


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