One Room Challenge Week 1

In the midst of all my efforts to organize and renovate my living room, I learned about the One Room Challenge and it synced up perfectly with the progress I’m making in my space. I want to change this room to be more beautiful, peaceful and inviting to others. That means a lot of changes, both in the organization and in the decor.

As I’ve been learning, that means doing a lot of work to clear out my space of things I don’t need any longer before I get to the fun stuff of rearranging and new furniture, etc. My early weeks will be devoted to that process, but as I get into the fun stuff I’m eager to share that too. I love interior design, and want to make my space more beautiful as well as more functional.

One “before” view of my living room

For now, I’m going to work on the hard part. It’s not glamorous, but it’s the journey I want to share and encourage other people to undertake as well. I’ll post twice a week about working through Organizing from the Inside Out, and once a week I’ll post an update about my overall progress and what I’m doing, design-wise. I can’t wait to turn this room that has sufficed (while occasionally embarrassing and stressing me) into a room I love that brings me peace.

I’m already daydreaming about new furniture and features in my space – it’s part of the motivation to dig into organizing my room. One of the biggest changes I want to make is to my couch. I’ve had the same (now discontinued) Ikea loveseat for seven years, since I first got an apartment of my own. It’s served me well, but has made it hard to share with anyone but the closest of friends, and I want something more stylish. I have limits on my sofa size, so loveseats are my jam.

My top pick, but in azure

Let me know if I’m not alone in needing to do a lot of organizing and decluttering before getting to the fun work of decorating.


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