Tidying… in the Workplace

My boss is a former professional organizer. As a result, she occasionally comes in and helps me organize my space. As you can see in this photo, it needs it. Her guiding hand makes this overwhelming process feel possible. I joked with her that I should have her come over and help me with my apartment, and coming home after work made me wish I’d made a serious offer.

My very messy “before”

Spending two days focusing on the mess behind my desk has encouraged me to start working on my home again. I believe that I can get my mess under control. And at the least, I believe I should try.

Working on my mess at work has made me think about why I keep letting stuff pile up around me everywhere I go: my home, my “office,” even my car. I feel like there is a bigger reason I can’t keep up with my mess, and that my outer clutter is a reflection of my inner clutter. It’s enough that I even considered going to therapy to help, and while that may be a route I need to consider, I think there are things I can do now with my limited budget & schedule. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to work through some books & find a way to declutter and permanently organize my life.

My much neater “after”

This blog is a place for me to try and fall down and get up and try again. If nothing else, my stuttering efforts to maintain it are a testament to my willingness to try again and again. I’m going to post about my efforts, and I hope that I find readers who will encourage me as I go.


2 Replies to “Tidying… in the Workplace”

  1. I think that asking for help, even for an hour or so, from your boss, could really give you some direction. Perhaps she can give you ideas or a vision to work towards. I look forward to seeing your progress.


    1. Hi Linda! Thanks! Not to spoil a surprise, but she let me interview her for the blog (& for my own education) and she’s been a great resource. I look forward to sharing that soon!


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