Morning Me Time

I’m trying something new now, where I get up a little earlier and spend some time on the things I want to do before leaving for work. I am traditionally a wake-up-at-the-last-possible-minute and dash out the door kind of girl, so this is a good challenge for me. My coffee maker has a timer function, which is invaluable.

This morning I put away the laundry I did over the weekend (I’m running behind, clearly) while drinking my coffee. I also paid some bills, all of which is super glamorous.

It’s nice to start the day with something useful and feel like I’m getting a jumpstart on the day. I’m feeling more accomplished just by giving myself a little more time in the morning. It’s a small step, but it’s setting my intention for the day.

What little changes have you made to make your day run a little more smoothly?


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