Sunday Chores

Why is that I constantly feel like I am running behind on all the things I want to do at home? Maybe because I am behind on those things?

I went out of the country for work last weekend, which has thrown off the last couple weeks. Always with the excuses, am I right?

Today was a small victory, in that I made myself take care of some chores. It wasn’t a lot. To be honest, it isn’t quite enough as I look around my apartment right now. It did restart my momentum, and that’s something worth celebrating.

I washed dishes, cleaned counters, took out the trash, and took care of my plants. I have a lot of ground to cover to get me back to the point where I can work on real projects, but I think if I’ve learned anything from this process, it’s that I can get up and start again. Getting behind on my home isn’t the end of my progress, but an opportunity to push on and make my home better for my own sake.


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