Necessary, but not Glamorous

I feel like that’s the theme of my life right now. To be honest, that’s probably always the theme.

Cleaning my home, decluttering, and reorganizing isn’t glamorous work. It’s necessary, and I hold out hope that the end result will be glamorous and worth the effort.

It’s not just cleaning where that ethos is present. I’ve been looking for a second job for a while, and finally decided to sign up for Postmates. I spend my evenings driving around LA, bringing people their dinners. It’s not glamorous work, but he vacation I can take later this year and the debt that will be wiped out faster will definitely be worth it.

Of course, spending so much of my free time driving around making deliveries means that I am not setting aside enough time for my home. Today I rectified that by ending my deliveries earlyish and coming home to do chores. Taking out a bunch of trash & recycling makes me and my home feel lighter.

Stay tuned to this space to see how I juggle a 40 hour a week job, my writing work, Postmates, improving my home, and y’know, having a social life.


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