Priorities and Routines

I find that I have constantly shifting priorities, and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone. One day, cleaning my home is my biggest priority. The next day, getting reading done for work might be number one.

I feel like I have a hard time getting the balance right. It’s easy to say yes to family or friends asking to spend time with me. That seems like the right thing to put first in my life.

Obviously, work takes top priority in the hours that I’m there, and it’s hard for me to downshift when I’m home. Most of my time this weekend has been devoted to work. I spent Friday at a meeting learning about ways to improve our profitability and then spent most of my time the last two days reading books in preparation for a magazine feature on the store with a list of upcoming books we recommend.

That task allows me to combine a love for reading and talking about books with something that “has” to be done for work. It has also taken up most of my weekend, leaving me not a ton of time for other things, like cleaning, creative work, and relaxing. (To be fair, reading is pretty relaxing)

What I’ve seen this weekend is that the things I’m working hard to adopt as regular routines are working. I washed dishes while making dinner. I cleaned the bathroom sink. Stuff I’d left around the apartment got picked up and put away or tossed as I entered and exited rooms. I bought flowers while running errands. It’s not as good as if I’d designated time specifically for deep cleaning, but I feel better about my home by taking those moments and using them well.

Does cleaning fall by the wayside for you when you’ve got other stuff on your plate, or do you prioritize it over other responsibilities?


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