Getting Unstuck

I’ve been thinking about the whys and wherefores of how my home got messy and why it can be so hard to change that.

I was always a messy kid. My mom tried hard to get me to clean my room, but no amount of punishment or encouragement got me to make much progress. As an adult, all of that encouragement comes from within as I see how I want my home to be and try hard to get there. I loved looking through my mom’s shelter magazines when I was a kid, and that interest stays with me today, even as it’s transferred to reading Apartment Therapy regularly and frequently pinning on Pinterest.

All of that input has given me big dreams, but I often falter on the little steps between here and there. I’m still thinking about the best way to proceed (I’m a thinker, perfectionist in recovery, and subsequently, a procrastinator) and want to make this blog a way to help me. It has already provided me an outlet and a form of accountability, but I’m thinking about restructuring some of it to really help me tackle the last big projects.

It’s a lot of stuff to do, from creating the big project list, breaking that down into smaller project steps, and figuring out the best ways to share those steps with you. I have a tendency to want to share when the work is all done, but I’m going to try being more open about the progress.

Spring is coming, and I want to embrace the new growth of the plants around me with new growth of my own. I hope you’ll join me.


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