Oh, Hello Again

Hi guys! Sorry about my disappearing act! I got behind in my January Cure posts and let that negative momentum drag me down.

The good news is that my home is still pretty tidy, and I prioritize tasks like dish washing and sweeping. Those are the traits that things like the January Cure instills in me, and that I try to keep from withering as the year progresses.

The January Cure asks its participants to plan a get together at their homes, whether a friend or a whole party, and I managed to be successful at that.

My friend Sarah came over for tea and conversation, and I was reminded yet again of how much an expected guest can motivate my cleaning. I want my home to be clean and inviting, and I’m working on not apologizing when it isn’t perfect. Friends love you regardless.

I want to not feel overwhelmed with tasks before someone comes over, and I realized I’m getting there. Sure, there was some built up clutter and it was a good time to take out the garbage and recycling, but I got my place ready in less than an hour because of the work I’ve been doing slowly and steadily.

Anyway, I’m back to say that I’ve missed this place and I’ve missed being on an intentional journey with my home. I’m going to try to get back into the rhythm of working on projects big & small and posting them here.


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