January Cure, Weekend 2

I know it’s weekend 3, but I didn’t end up writing this post until now.

Cleaning the kitchen is always a little bit of a surprise. It’s a tiny room, yet the mess seems to build up with ease. I had a small backlog of dishes to do and more grime on my stove than I had noticed.

A cleaner stovetop

I think it’s probably indicative of my generally messy state that I can make a mess even in a small space. No wonder my whole apartment needs help if I can make a mess even in a room that feels like there’s no room for excess stuff.

I have a couple projects that lingered (hence the late post), but it’s nice to finally have a tidier kitchen. There are things that I had left on counters that I found a home for, and even if it was the outbox. Having more counter space makes such a difference in a small kitchen like mine.

It’s a good start to making my home ready for the get-together that the January Cure encourages us to have.


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