January Cure, Weekend 1

This weekend is always a bit challenging for me. I am forced to realize just how much stuff I have on the floor – a stack. of books here, a box of seltzer there, etc., etc.

I wasn’t home as much of the weekend as usual, and ended up working for part of the weekend, so I am still not done with the floors. I have to vacuum my rugs and mop the bathroom still, but those should be easy task to do this week or incorporate into the bathroom cleaning weekend.

I did buy flowers, and it’s the element of the January Cure that sticks with me year round. I always have fresh flowers or new plants coming into the house. It makes me feel a little more put together, and makes my home a little more beautiful.

This week’s flowers

I’m looking forward to this week’s challenges, and giving myself grace for the things I haven’t yet finished.


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