January Cure, Day 3

Today is outbox day, which is a relatively easy task. That is, until you get to the part where you have to find something to put in the outbox.

My apartment is small, and I have no guest room or hall closet in which to set up an outbox. Instead my beautiful paper sack is resting on top of the Christmas tree box that will once again be home to my tree after the twelve days of Christmas end.

My charming outbox (or outbag, if you will)

I have a stack of stuff from the first night to put into the bag, but wanted to find something from this night to include. I realized I have a lot of intentions to watch the DVDs I’ve acquired, (which is something to work through at another time) and settled for going through my books to find something I don’t expect to reread.

It’s a start for this process, and a habit I often keep alive throughout the year. I didn’t currently have an active outbox receptacle, but I had a couple things patiently waiting to be taken to work to sell or to a thrift store to donate.

I’m looking forward to the weekend, and the scrubbing my floors will surely get as part of this year’s Cure.


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