January Cure, Day 2

Today’s assignment is another favorite of mine. It’s going through one’s home and making a list of projects for not only January, but for the year to come.

In preparing for this year’s assignment, I looked back at last year. It was encouraging to see projects I completed, and a bit humbling to see projects that still linger.

My January Cure 2017 list

In doing this assignment, we are told to pick 3-5 tasks per room. I only had 3-6 projects per room, so it looks like I’m doing them all. And honestly, most of my projects are interconnected. I want to rearrange my living room, and almost all of my living room assignments work in concert to revamp that space.

My January Cure 2018 list

I’m excited to have created my checklist for this month and the year ahead. I hope next year at this time that I can look at this list and be proud that I’ve done so much.


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