January Cure, Day 1

Welcome to the most wonderful month of the year, Apartment Therapy’s January Cure!

Today’s assignment was to clean out a drawer. I don’t have a junk drawer (there are only four drawers in my kitchen and they all have a purpose), so I thought about what would be most useful. I got some new jeans for Christmas and needed to get them to fit into the drawer space I had. That led to me tackling the drawer that’s home to my pants and a few sweaters.

The drawer, before

The drawer, before

I cleared out the whole drawer, wiped it down, and only put back items I knew I’d wear again. My new jeans fit after this edit, and I’m excited to have an accomplishment to tick off today.

The drawer, mid-cleaning and still dusty

The drawer, after

The pile of stuff I cleared out of the drawer

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