Pile Progress

I did it, guys! I managed to clear that pile. Books were put away where they belong, recyclables were recycled and stuff to give away was set aside. Like I predicted, I didn’t want to do it. I would have much rather enjoyed some more time sitting in my couch, reading. 

One pile down, another pile revealed

Now that it’s done, I feel a little lighter. I know from my own experience that messes make me feel less relaxed in my home. The more books I read on organizing and designing and overall good vibes in the home, the more I see that that is not exclusive to me. We all feel burdened by our disorganization, if we’re built that way.
I see my messes and think about how I’ve failed myself by having that pile of stuff sitting around. That reaction feels extreme when I step back to look at it, but it explains to me why I can feel so overwhelmed by small tasks. Having this public place as an outlet for working through my mess and feeling accountable for getting work done is one of the healthiest things I’ve done for myself in a while.
There are still lots of piles, literal and metaphorical, to work through, but I feel like they’re surmountable now that I’ve worked through one mental block.


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