My Pile, My Nemesis

Hey guys, it’s a weird weekend at my home, messy, home. I’m attending a conference in town for much of the weekend, and that’s leaving me less time than I’d like to tackle a project, but since I’m home for bits and pieces throughout the weekend, it’s not impossible for me to get something accomplished. 
There is a small pile of stuff in my living room that irritates me and gets in my way, but about which I have a weird mental block. It never occurs to me to work on this pile when I’m doing my daily cleaning, and even now, looking at it makes me feel defeated. Do you have any spots like that in your home? 

The notorious pile of my nightmares

All of that is on my mind as I think about tackling this project. It looks so easy to clear, but I know that it’s going to take more focus from me than some of my other projects. Most people won’t notice the change, but I look forward to the sense of accomplishment and to having one fewer space that makes my home less comforting. 


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