Life Finds A Way

I’ve had a busy week and it’s not letting up any time soon, unfortunately. I enjoy my work and the things that occupy my time, but I’m having a hard time juggling all the things I want to do, like clean my apartment.
I am curious to know what other people do to keep themselves motivated (comment below if you’re so inclined!). I keep thinking about how much I’ll enjoy my space when I’m done, and how much more I enjoy it with the changes already in place.
There are a few books I’ve been flipping through to find motivation, and they’ve all been asking me questions about why I want changes and what kind of changes I want. My plan for this week is to set aside time to really think about it. I’ve already indicated some of my reasoning, but I think having a clear goal helps set the path forward.

Inspiration for good vibes

Asking questions to help me figure out the home I want


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