Buy, Sell, Trade

I made a dent in my pile of stuff, but still have a way to go. I’m pleased to see the pile get smaller, but am also a little frustrated that it’s not all gone yet. Let’s start with my successes and then delve into my not-yet-successes.
I took a box of books into the store where I work and sold them for some organizing supply funds. I have an advantage by selling at my employer’s, mostly because I know what we will and won’t buy, and I presort my books into those we’d buy and those I’m donating. I got some cash from the sale and am eager to use it!

Bye, books!

Also on my pile were some old electronics that needed recycling. My ten year old printer gave up the ghost earlier this year, and I’d already bought and installed its replacement. What I hadn’t yet done was take it to be recycled. Thank goodness for Best Buy, where I dropped off my electronics to recycle.

Recycling made easy, indeed

Madewell is one of my favorite stores, and they have a program to recycle old jeans into insulation, so I took jeans past the point of repair or donation for resale in to be recycled. I also got a coupon for new jeans by donating my old ones.
Finally, I took some mail that needed to be sent and shipped it off, clearing it from my physical pile and my mental to do list.
I still have some other things to get rid of, like some very beat up shoes. Nike has a recycling program, but none of the shops that accept shoes are located very close to my apartment. I’ll be taking the shoes with me next time I’m anywhere near one of their drop off locations.
It’s nice to know my old things are being used for good purposes, and I’m eager to have more things from decluttering to get rid of in responsible ways.


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