Love The One You’re With

I am filled with envy. Like, all the time. It’s home envy and I’m working on letting go of that. I love looking at interior design and architecture Instagram and Pinterest feeds, and I want to just feel inspiration instead of deep-seated envy.

An Emily Henderson designed dining area I wish I had (from Styled)

As part of the process I’m chronicling here, I measured my apartment to figure out some furniture moves and calculated my square footage while I was at it. My little one bedroom is a whopping 381 sq. ft. No wonder it always feels so tiny! 
I found myself wishing for more space (don’t I always?), but I’m working on converting that into something more useful. Now that I know how little space I have, I want to make sure I make the most of it by getting rid of unnecessary clutter and creating as much a sense of flow and spaciousness as my small apartment (and bounty of books) will allow.

If only my apt size & flow would let me have this Emily Henderson window seat

With rent prices as astronomical as they are in Los Angeles, I don’t see myself leaving my apartment any time soon. I want it to be the best it can be for however long I have it. It already feels cozy and homey to me, but I want it to get free of the messes I’ve made. 
Can you tell I’ve been journaling about my apartment and how it makes me feel and why? The emotional and mental progress toward a tidier home is just as important in my book as the work of actually getting rid of things.


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