A Tale of Two Tables, Part 2

It took longer and more effort than I thought to get these two tables cleared and organized, but it makes me feel so good to walk out of my bedroom and not be greeted with chaos. Or, at least, less chaos.
I focused on the snack table first, and implemented a couple new baskets to corral the snacks and keep everything in line (and I’ll be posting about my budget soon!). You’ll notice I still have napkins stacked up loose, but that should be easy enough to correct on my next trip to Target or Ikea. 

My better organized snack table

Once I had snacks under control, I turned my attention to the rest of the stuff on the dining table. You may have noticed there is another, smaller table under the rectangular table. That round table was my dining table and the wood table was my desk until a couple months ago. I’m still undecided about which table to keep, so they’re both with me for the time being. 

My now-clear dining table

I kept a couple decorative things on the table, since I love fresh flowers and that floral bowl. No more clutter though, and that makes it much more useable, whether for my breakfast or for having a friend or two over. 
I’m going to do my best to keep it clear, and believe that it will be easier to maintain than it was to fully tidy.


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