A Tale of Two Tables, Part 1

This weekend’s project is smaller than last week’s, but feels like it will be vital nonetheless. I am tackling two tables that have become a little overwhelming to me.
Let’s start from the beginning. I have a very small pantry. Very small. 

All of my built in food storage
Because my food storage space is minimal, I’ve turned my old nightstand into what I call the “snack table.” It is what the name says: a table where I store all my snacks. It’s a jumble, not helped by the fact that lots of the snacks are in bags, so they don’t stack or organize easily.
The infamous, unorganized snack table

My dining room table is the other mess zone I’m tackling this weekend. I actually started with that as my project for the weekend, and then realized I had to work on the snack table too. There were too many snacks on the dining table to clean off one and not the other.

The dining table in all its messy glory

I’d like to have both surfaces clear, or in the case of the snack table, organized, by the end of the weekend. It seems like a small goal, but I’m aiming to set goals I can achieve, and not frustrate myself. I think that’s the only way I can get where I want to go. 
Let’s see what happens! 


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