My (Little) Budget

Let’s talk about money. If I had more than I do, I could hire someone to make my place amazing, or go wild at the Container Store. Instead, I’m constrained by a budget of my own devising.
My budget for organizing and decor is small, and I’ve limited it to funds from a few sources. The first is money I make from selling items I’m getting rid of, the second is from my side gigs, like housesitting & babysitting.
I’m also utilizing my savings app, Digit, to help me save for new items. One of the great things about Digit is that you can set savings goals and they will slowly add to it on the schedule you’ve set. I made an organizing savings account, with an extremely manageable goal of saving $50 by December 1st. That money will pay for some more attractive and cohesive storage boxes.

Getting started on saving

All of this means that some projects will take time, like upgrading the storage in my bedroom or getting a better couch. I’m okay with that. It took me a while to make this mess, so it will take me a while to get rid of it.


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