Organizing From the Inside Out pt. 4

I’m really loving the deep dig into what I’m doing and why. In Part 2 of OFTIO, Julie Morgenstern gives a series of questions to ask about any project, be it a whole room or a portion thereof. I paused at the questions and answered them about my space overall.

The first question is “what works?” which is an encouragement, at least for me. It’s good to acknowledge the areas where I do have organization. As I thought about the pockets of my home where organization reigns, it makes the task of doing that for my whole home seem achievable.

I consistently appreciate the ethos of OFTIO, which is to work with who a person is and create organization from there instead of shoehorning people into a one size fits all approach. To quote Morgenstern, “The program in this book is predicated upon giving yourself permission to be who you are, and setting up systems based on the way you think and relate to your work and life.”

Her other questions are useful and insightful too, but I’m realizing through this process that I respond best to positive reinforcement and shrink under an emphasis on what I’m doing poorly. I tend to feel defeated before I start if I only focus on the negative. I think that’s true of all of us.


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