How to Organize & Decorate // ORC Week 2

I find myself moving really slowly through this portion of the process. I’m figuring our how to rearrange my living room and it’s harder than I expected. The bump I’ve hit is my difficulty imagining the room any way other than how I have it now. While working through this exercise on how to reorganize a room from Organizing From the Inside Out I had to take a break and go to bed, to give my brain a chance to approach the room in another way.

The more I puzzled through this, the wider my vision became, with the hope that I can use that broad vision to determine the smaller steps to take. That’s how I usually work – I look toward the final destination and then figure out my route there. In this case it meant not only making the list Julie Morgenstern asked me to make, but also including a list of my own of words that describe how I want the place to feel. I want it organized and I want it to reflect me, and I’m glad this book seems to value both of those things.

I’ll give you with the words I came up with to give me direction. Some of them are an aesthetic, some are details, all of them together help me understand where I want to go.




Mid-Century Modern

Natural Light





The color & texture of this pillow calls to me

Looking through my Pinterest, I saw a lot of images that could be described in these ways. It’s so helpful to have years of image curation to look at to get a clearer picture of my own tastes. For me, trying to define my taste is easy until I’m asked to do it – then all the descriptors run out of my mind like water.

Both working through OFTIO and doing the One Room Challenge are making me look at my taste and my space clearly. It’s fun work and it’s rewarding as I look toward how my living room could be.


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