January Cure, Day 8 (and beyond!)

This assignment is one I should have dreaded and feared. Taming the paper beast should come with a warning for people like me who seem to accumulate far too much paper.

I have a massive mail pile. You may remember it from one of my early posts when I put up establishing shots of my messy home. In case you’ve forgotten, it looks like this:

My mountain of mail

Apartment Therapy’s description said it would be one of the best hours that we could spend on our homes. I’m a couple hours in and maybe halfway done (not including the shredding fest to come).

It feels good to get rid of piles of junk mail and to make sure I’m taking care of the important mail, but good grief, I didn’t do myself any favors by waiting so long to take care of this mess. Hopefully I’ll finish up tomorrow, but who knows how long climbing out of this hole will take.
Starting to see the light

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