Bedroom, Part 2

I knew starting here would be easier than tackling my overwhelming beast of a living room, and I was right. 

There were small pockets of clutter in the bedroom, but it was in much better shape to begin with, so it’s an easy win.

There are still long-term projects to undertake – I’d like to get rid of the remaining banker’s boxes both on the floor and on top of the bookcase. That’s part of a bigger need to clear out some of my books. If there’s one thing about me you can learn from my apartment, it’s that I love books. I work in books, so I have a steady stream of books coming in and out of my life… although it’s mostly in and not enough out.
Regardless, it’s nice to look at my room and be satisfied that I have crossed off the to do list I had for this room. Whether or not anyone else is reading this blog, its very existence makes me feel accountable to do the work I’ve said I want to do. 

Fewer boxes, and cleaner
Fresh rug, fresh look


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