The Bedroom, Part 1

My bedroom is relatively tidy, but I struggle with a few spots. Also, my relative tidiness is probably other people’s messy nightmare, but I’m here to take baby steps.

I’m starting in the bedroom because it feels less daunting than the living room, and I’d like to start with something that I can finish. If I’ve learned anything from years of being me, it’s that success begets success. If I can make my bedroom better, I’ll feel empowered to make my living room better.

Here are some before pics:

Thank goodness for the mirror preventing me from hiding any mess
My duvet cover is in the wash, making the room look less finished than usual

My goals for this weekend are to:

Get rid of at least one of the banker’s boxes stacked up

Switch out my laundry hamper for something less collegiate & warped

Clear out the slippers & paper bags on the floor

My cleaning goal list:

I’ll be back tomorrow to post on my progress!


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