Happy Holidays!

I don’t know about you, but the holidays tend to throw off my regularly scheduled life. There are parties and trips to visit family, and it feels like all I can do to maintain my space.

I am trying to continue embracing my efforts to leave my home clean and tidy before I travel, but traveling for Christmas was a little different this year. My mom and her family came over for present exchanging before taking me to the airport, so I had a pile of wrapping paper and new clothes to leave in my apartment before taking off.

I did, however, do dishes and a quick clean sweep of my apartment to get it ready for guests. The whole point of this practice is to be able to host people more frequently, so I’m excited that it was far easier than it used to be for me to open my home to three guests.

I am excited for a return to evening cleaning and a number of big projects on my horizon, including the January Cure from Apartment Therapy.


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