Clean It Up Before You Go Go

I’ve been thinking about how I like to leave my home, whether it’s to go to work or go on a trip. When I was younger and still lived at home, my mom would encourage me to clean before I went away to summer camp or to visit my grandma. My mom and I often butted heads over my cleaning tendencies (or lack thereof), so I didn’t always heed her advice.
Now, as an adult, I find myself appreciating her wisdom. It makes such a positive difference to come home to a clean (or cleaner, in my case) space.
I’m planning some upcoming travel, and my new commitment to my space means rethinking what I do before I go. I’ve been working at furthering the tidiness of my apartment, instead of slowly eroding it when I get home every night. 
It also means that I only take out the things I’m packing, rather than having a pile of also ran choices covering my bed or my floor. I make a packing list and it helps me to only grab what I need and helps me to avoid forgetting things. 
Does anyone else find coming home to a clean home after traveling makes a big difference? I love not having a pile of dishes waiting for me, and feeling like I can relax after a long day in the car or on a plane.

The other way to get ready to go…

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